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Episode #04 - Noise Music

with Victoria Shen

Victoria Shen is the subject of this episode where we explore the world of Noise Music. What is noise music and who's into it? What drives artists to create it? We discuss the parallels between noise music and modern painting, playing concerts in dusty basements, and the experience of being a touring noise musician in Japan.

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Episode #03 - Radios and Police Scanners

with Robert Gallagher

In today's episode I sit down with my brother Robert Gallagher to discuss his interest in police scanners and radios. We discuss the importance of transparancy with policing, how the technology has changed over time, and some stories about how his knowledge of radios allowed him to predict snowdays.

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Episode #02 - Photography

with Hugh James MacNeil

Hugh James MacNeil joins me in this episode to talk about his lifetime of photography. A medium which has undergone a massive shift from analog film to digital media. We discuss photographing in New York City in the 1970s, the challenges of displaying art, and the photographers neverending struggle to chase light.

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Episode #01 - Modular Synthesizers

with Erich Hochstrasser

In this episode we sit down with modular synth builder and electronics enthusiast Erich Hochstrasser. We discuss what got him into building modular synthesizers, how modular synths work, and his adventure through his hobby.

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